To See and Be Seen

by Country Priest

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released January 3, 2016

P.D. Young (Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Moog)
Kylene Young (Piano, Rhodes, Synth)
Kenny McWilliams (Bass on Track 4)
Mike Mewborne (Drums on Tracks 1,2,3,4,6)
Josh Kean (Drums on Tracks 7,8)

Recorded December 28, 2015 – January 1, 2016 at Archer Avenue Studio Columbia, SC
Produced by Kenny McWilliams and P.D. Young
Mixed and Mastered by Kenny McWilliams



all rights reserved


Country Priest Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: Open Mind
open eyes
what will i see?
purple and green?
or bright white lights?

close my eyes
what will i feel?
what I cannot see ?
what i can't believe ?

open mind
what will i be?
what will i fear?
what will i fear?

open mind
who will i be?
who will i fear?
who will i fear?

the straight line of the infinite
the curve of the finite
the straight line of the infinite
the curve of the finite

the most delicate perceptions
the most invisible translations
the most delicate perceptions
the most invisible translations
Track Name: Drifter
come be an outsider
come be an outsider
everyone loves to take a peek
of an inside outsider

looking for a drifter
looking for a drifter
hey mr drifter please stand still
I’d like to take your picture

somewhere out on the highway
where the towns can't be forgotten
since they've never been known
except for those who call it home

come be an outsider
we're all Indians now
living on third-hand lands
when the past is a foreign land

everyone loves a black man
when he comes without a burden
a nowhere man, with his nowhere past
drifting on to nowhere

what an apparition
what an apparition
a sight to my soul, to behold
such an apparition
Track Name: Gravity
my brother believing
in the end,
is no act of a belief

does an apple
believe in its fall from the tree?
by the unseen hand of gravity

just an act of being
an act of seeing
no action at all

I've considered a wave crashing on the beach
The way the waters cover the deep

Down the street, a tree has forgotten all it's leaves
by the unseen hand of gravity

(is) believing is more than seeing
(is) seeing is more than feeling
this tug of gravity

piety without content
nostalgia and relief
the sacred lost the burden lifted
nostalgia and release
sentimental solitude
Track Name: Clowns Pt 1
to see and be seen
is a simple pleasure in life
it looks to me like a circus
some pleasure in the sight

everybody on display
like a piece in a museum
every body on display
like kids on halloween

and it's always the same
same skin, same game
new name, same play
Something I can't seem to shake

she is a ghost
chosen and unknown
like a lens to be seen through
a spectacle and sacrifice

a wilderness of information
more to see than can be known
more to know than can be owned
and we remain, unknown
Track Name: Clowns Pt 2
put yourself in front of the camera
we’re all so curious to see
what we know will be there
its absurd we even care

altamont is behind us
the revolution is over
we don't have to go home
there’s nothing left to see

a shot in your arm.
your seed underground.
an experience to be found.
who are you to let them down.

take my body, but don't take it too far.
the kids will be watching
who are we to let them down.
every circus needs a clown.

staggering and stammering
through an age-old habit
to see and be seen
is to be and have been
Track Name: The End
What is this way of being friends?
You work so hard at being alone.
Why are you always looking for a fight?
I wonder why I even try

Do you remember on those days
We'd share our thoughts about this place
You would hide and deny
Fighting a need to not be alone

What is it that you'd like to do?
Where is it that you'd like to go?

You disdain and hate and blame
And push away those inside
You found a way in this crowded space
To always feel like you’re alone

Loving you wasn't easy to do
I wonder if its worth the time
When you’re about to pick a fight
I wonder why I even try

Who is it that you’d like to be?
What is there to be waiting for?