What is this way of being friends?
You work so hard at being alone.
Why are you always looking for a fight?
I wonder why I even try

Do you remember on those days
We'd share our thoughts about this place
You would hide and deny
Fighting a need to not be alone

What is it that you'd like to do?
Where is it that you'd like to go?

You disdain and hate and blame
And push away those inside
You found a way in this crowded space
To always feel like you’re alone

Loving you wasn't easy to do
I wonder if its worth the time
When you’re about to pick a fight
I wonder why I even try

Who is it that you’d like to be?
What is there to be waiting for?


from To See and Be Seen, released January 3, 2016



all rights reserved


Country Priest Chicago, Illinois

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